The company „Prestige-Aqua“ Ltd. was established in 1996 in Sofia for the purpose of trading with women’s, men’s and children’s underwear and swimsuits. In an effort to meet the increased demand and requirements of its customers, it evolved from a trading company into a two-factor production plant and noted lasting upward trends in growth and development.

   The main objective of Prestige-Aqua Ltd. is to maximally satisfy the desires and expectations of its customers and to offer the highest quality products. The company works with high quality materials selected by leading European manufacturers and has introduced a modern quality management system in its production process. Sophisticated design and uncompromising quality at an attractive price – this is the basis of company policy.

  Expanding its trade and production activities, Prestige-Aqua Ltd. creates a branch in Serbia and distributes its products in Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, and Belarus. At this stage, 80% of the output is exported to these countries.

   The company is a leader in the production of swimsuits with the Aloha Mare brand, and underwear works with the trademark Young Buck. The products from these collections are characterized by high quality and sophisticated design and are tailored to the latest trends in world fashion.