These general terms and conditions provide information to users about their rights and obligations when using the site’s information and services. Any user working with the site is bound by the rules of these terms and conditions from the moment we enter the site until it leaves. is a website of Prestige Aqua Ltd. and aims to present the products and services that the company and its partners offer on the market. For all products available on the website, Prestige Aqua Ltd is an authorized dealer or representative of direct importers. reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions without prior notice.

By completing an online form to participate in a prize promotion or download of promotional material, the participant expressly agrees to collect and process his Promoter’s personal data for promotional purposes, other promotions and activities to be held at a future from Prestige Aqua Ltd., as well as receiving SMS or E-mail promotional messages.

In order to place an order, it is advisable to first register, but registration is not a mandatory condition. undertakes not to distribute the information with your personal data outside the company and the persons or agencies * employed by the company to collect, classify and process information about it.

Users undertake not to provide their access data (name and password) to their personal profile, as well as the information contained in their account. reserves the right to suspend user registration, remove or edit content, refuse access, or execute orders at its sole discretion.

The availability of each product is indicated by a legend of user convenience. reserves the right to specify availability and delivery times by phone or e-mail at the time of order processing. is not responsible for meeting delivery times for products that are indicated to be by request only or for delivery over a certain period and are not available in the warehouse of the company.

The method of payment for ordered goods delivered by is in cash, and when delivered by courier – with cash on delivery.

The prices in the site are in BGN and VAT is charged. The price of the product does not include the value of the delivery and the payment fees due.

When ordering, the user specifies the basic parameters according to the options available on the site: number, producer, delivery and so on. The user must specify an address, telephone and e-mail to confirm the order he has made so that he can be started. Failure to fill in the feedback fields or to publish incorrect, incorrect or inaccurate information does not bind the company with the obligation to perform the order.

The user undertakes to express his / her consent to the order made and to confirm all details on the order after the operator has contacted him by phone or e-mail.

The user agrees that the communication electronically satisfies his requirements to the law and he accepts it as equivalent to the information transmitted on paper or verbally on the phone.


Each item purchased online from the National Chain can be returned without a reason within 14 days of the date of purchase. The fourteen-day return period applies to both physical and legal entities who have purchased online items from the site. The user must notify in writing that he or she is giving up a purchase without a penalty within 14 days of the date of receipt of the product.

Returned goods must be in original packaging and complete equipment, including transport packaging, with original warranty card attached and a copy of a payment document.
The product should be free of any traces of use, without scratches, injuries, abrasions and other external signs.
The original packaging must be sound, not torn, scratched or damaged.
The shipping costs for returning goods for no reason are at the expense of the customer.
The shipping costs of returning goods for reason (defect, discrepancy with the description, etc.) are at the expense of
When purchasing several identical products, only 1 piece of unpacked product can be returned. The rest will only be accepted if all the boxes / packages are original and their integrity is not damaged; reserves the right to refuse the return of products from customers who abuse this service
Replacement and return of money
The monetary value of the returned product may be used to purchase other products or be returned to the customer within 14 days of the date of return of the goods.

To return the purchased product, please complete the form provided in the kit and follow the instructions written on it. The form can also be found here: Claims

If you have any questions, contact the national chain from which you purchased the items. If you have a problem, call 0877 007 152

AWARD AND SUBCONTRACTING may outsource delivery services, always retaining responsibility to the client for all of its contracted obligations.

The provided information and photo material are subject to copyright. The uploading or printing of pages from the site is admissible in case the COPYRIGHT AND RELATED RIGHTS ASSOCIATION (CAB) is not violated. Site users may not copy, distribute or use texts, pictures, images or parts of the site without the express permission of It is not permitted to use a screenshot on the site without the express consent of

Site users are not permitted to act in violation of generally established rules of communication and communication, to commit malicious acts, to distribute viruses, etc., infringing or damaging the rights or interests of third parties. They are not allowed to perform orders on behalf of another person without his consent.

Consumers may not distribute pornographic material, photos or other materials, copyright objects, schemes, signs, etc., object of foreign intellectual property, calls for violent change of civil and public order, undisclosed information, or such that affects the property or non-material rights or interests of third parties.

RESPONSIBILITIES is not responsible for possible gaps related to the up-to-date information it maintains on the site; is not responsible for the consequences, incl. any damage caused by or in any way connected with the access or use of this site; is not responsible for the integrity of the information on the site from computer viruses or other threats. The information displayed on the site is in compliance with the applicable legislation, its use by the users is voluntary and on their own initiative. is not responsible for the completeness, validity, and substance of the information contained on the linked sites (hyperlinks) is not responsible for any damages caused to the user when using the services on the site. does not guarantee seamless and uninterrupted access to the domain. is not responsible for the sudden exhaustion of inventory and inaccuracies in the product information provided by the manufacturer.

FORCE MAJEURE shall not be held liable for any failure to perform its obligations in contracts if such failure is the result of factors beyond the control of the firm. In these cases, undertakes to inform the customer and take all necessary measures to limit the consequences of non-performance of the contract.

1. Commissions, commissions and other:

The value of the commissions is calculated as a percentage of the value of the products sold at as a direct consequence of promotion through the provided tools in the platform, excluding VAT, transport fees or other.

The commission table is an integral part of the Promotion Terms of Service.

The deadline for ordering orders is 30 calendar days after the click of a click.

The commissions are processed automatically once the relevant order is completed in the system (delivered, invoiced, paid by the customer and the value of the respective order is collected by

The value of the commission on the products sold from the website as a result of the promotion of the affiliates is 1%

No commissions are received for:

Vouchers purchased from;


Orders that come from clients of the Corporate type, with reduced or additional benefits to standard business policy.

Orders with discounts in the form of vouchers or other discounts will generate commissions calculated on the value of the products paid without taking into account the value of the reductions applied.

2. Rules for using affiliate links

Affiliate links can be used in a context that refers to the information on the landing page of

Affiliate links can not be used in contexts that may create confusion about the landing page, the presentation information within the landing page, and the redirect to the website.

For example, affixing affiliate links to product images from affiliate websites is not allowed, this may create confusion for the visitor related to the destination to which that link will take.

In addition to the General Terms of the Affiliate Platform, the links to will not be accepted in promotional methods that:

Are against the interests of or its clients;

Are competitors of;

Describe any person, including any representative of;

Automatically retrieve information from the website or from other websites without their consent;

Designed as website clones, crawling a URL or containing their “forbidden keywords” in the domain and / or subdomain of the Terms;

They are built in the form of price comparison sites, product aggregators or with foreign content, or using spam.

They are based on everything else, but not on authentic content. Offer discount codes for, discount, vouchers, or any other incentives including but not limited to money back / cashback discount websites.

3. Banned keywords

It is forbidden to promote PPC services (such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWods) by adding text links that link to The ban is valid for “Search” and “Display” campaigns.

All commissions resulting from the use of Google AdWords and their partners will be void regardless of their status.

The use of certain keywords in other PPC campaigns and / or domain names and / or page names on social networks is prohibited as follows: “” written in any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

4. Social networking policy

Advertising is allowed on the personal Facebook Timeline or on own pages, Twitter or Google Plus.

It is not allowed to add text links that lead to in sponsored publications as well as in Facebook Ads campaigns.

Placing text links that lead to in an irrelevant context or adding them to the official Facebook and Facebook Timeline page on is not allowed.

Received commissions due to incorrect promotion will be void and affiliation with the affiliate may be terminated.

Facebook promotion is not allowed through multiple redirects of the user in order to hide the source of the visit.

5. Content of promotional tools

The text of ad publications containing text links (PPC campaigns other than Google AdWords, Facebook Ads) may not contain the trademark or its variants under the “Prohibited keywords” section. The texts must contain correct and up-to-date information about the products and promotions at Information on stock availability and product prices may change, so we recommend that this information is not used in the texts of the publications. Only official promotional material available from in the system can be used. Other graphic tools created by Affiliates must be previously approved in writing by The approval for the use of non-standard promotional materials can be obtained by submitting to via email from the marketing department of

6. Other Terms

Affiliates are not entitled:

To place orders through ads on their own websites, thereby getting commissions for those orders;

To offer directly or indirectly to another person or company benefits from the use of promotional tools on Affiliate’s websites (payment of money, guarantee of offering a discount on the website);

Modify the action of a button, link, or other interactive tool from the website

Make orders, fill out forms, or make other types of actions on the website on behalf of third parties, or authorize, help or encourage another person or company to do so;

Promote products on in any way that may create confusion about the actual offer on

Ex: Advertisements for sale of products with other prices, other benefits or any other commercial terms;

Promote affiliate links in ads for sale of proprietary products identical or similar to those of the offer on;

To cause some confusion to customers on the website regarding the relationship between Affiliate and;

To place orders through their own account in order to generate commissions as a person responsible for purchases in a company. The use of the affiliate program of as a means by which the Affiliate will acquire commissions for own or company’s own orders is considered to be ALLOWED;

Receive commissions based on orders placed on the website for any other reason than the one that has triggered genuine interest in the visitors to their website or the audience exposed to the launched campaigns, including, but not limited to, variants is imitating or simulating an order on the website. reserves the right to impose additional terms on certain promotion methods or on specific Affiliates, in which case Affiliates will be notified. reserves the right to terminate your affiliation with an Affiliate if it has not complied with any of the Profitshare Terms of Service and / or those of the affiliate program of reserves the right to impose different conditions for the affiliate activity of registered users during certain special shopping events (Black Friday,, Price Revolution, etc.). For example, a different commission table may be used during a given event, and cookies that can generate conversions during the event will be separate cookies for this event only (no commissions can be received from pre-set standard cookies in internet users browsers). The special policy, as well as a commission table associated with this type of shopping event, will be made public in advance for a certain number of days.

Last updated: April 11, 2018